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Real-time mobile strategy & NFT market economy game
Alpha Game Launch (Season 0)
April 8th, 2022
LADA Token Launch
April 8th, 2022
Magic Eden Launchpad
May 6th, 2022
Season 1 Launch
May 6th, 2022
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Frequently asked questions
What is LadderCaster?
A realtime mobile strategy and NFT market economy game, built on Solana.
What is LADA? How do I get it?
LADA will be the native LadderCaster in-game Token. It will be available on the Serum orderbook on launch day. LADA Tokens will initially be sold for $0.01.
Is there a Whitelist or Pre-Sale?
There are no Whitelists or Pre-Sales. The only way to get LADA Token is to trade it on Serum/Jupiter April 8th at 18:00 UTC.
When is the mint?
You will only be able to Mint Casters on April, 8th at 18:OO UTC. Casters will always cost 1000 LADA Tokens.
What marketplaces can I use?
LadderCaster characters and items can be listed on Fractal.is, a gaming NFT marketplace; Holaplex, an open-source marketplace, and Magic Eden, Solana’s largest marketplace. Players are able to list NFT drops for durable in-game assets and sell directly to other players.